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I have precisely one metric butt ton of news today!

skoolmunkee at 5:19AM, April 30, 2009

Niccea's community project the Drunk Duck Mafia Comic has reached 125 pages!

Kemono Densetsu by Inoshishi has reached 25 pages!

Polkster's PolkOut has had its 50th update!

A milestone and some interviews from Abt_Nihil!

(1) my weekly comic signifikat recently surpassed 75 pages.

(2) alejkhan interviewed me about it ), but…

(3) …there's also an interview about my other comic A.D 1997, conducted by Fitz, which adresses more basic questions about my comics and about how I work.

The Bend by not_too_shabby reaches 200 pages today!

Peipei's Deadfingers has also reached 200 pages!

An ending and a contest from JustNoPoint!

The longest prologue ever is finally coming to an end. Just 9 more pages left till The Devon Legacy Prologue is over with!

It's been a heck of a ride! And I'm also asking for participation in a cover contest. The objective is to make a cover that would be good for the entire Prologue. I'll put the winning cover on the home page so it's the 1st thing everyone going to the Prologue will see.

The winner also gets my everlasting love, fan art, and the 1st to have a cameo in my next comic.

The cover has to at the very least have Fenny and Sally on it. Though don't put “Super Sally” on the cover. That would ruin the ending a bit.

Contest ends after my comic ends. Maybe a week or so extra. That gives at minimum about 5 weeks provided I can stay close to the schedule the entire time.

SlimRedNinja is in a competition!

My comic Slim Red Ninja made the final 8 in the Comicracy webcomic challenge the winner takes down $500 and the voting lasts until May 6th. We are currently in first but would love a news bump.I don't think any of the other guys are drunk duckers so there shouldnt be a conflict of interest.
(Actually, Deadfingers is a DD comic, and Blood for the Blood God is a DDer but has no comic posted up. Just fyi!)

Lastly, simonitro has… I don't know if this would be an announcement? It's more of a thank you I guess!

I have some news for my friends on Drunkduck.

I know I haven't done much since the beginning of the year in terms for the website like updating my comics and such. However, I still love DD. It's what helped me to launch into animation. Yes, I do planning a comeback to the place that started everything for me… yes, Drunkduck.

Before updated my current comics “Billy Learns To Rock” and “The Burnhams”, I'm planning on a short comedy comic that would help me kick back into the website again and get the great feel back.

It may be a slow process to comeback but it's still better than nothing. I'm still in school and doing pretty good and I'm about to get done on August the 20th and hopefully, I would get a job in my field of animation but I won't forget the great moments on DD because I will be on it as long as I exist.

That is all, thank you a lot Drunkduck and I love you all :)



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