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Boy have I got a heaving sackful of moist news for you!

skoolmunkee at 4:26AM, Aug. 20, 2009

Another interview is up! I told you, we've got lots of them, and you'll be getting them twice a week while they are still going on. :] Today it's Lilac interviewing Avilo of Animosity Sonata. It's also quite clear that these two had far too much fun interviewing each other.

9) At the beginning of the comic we witness the “Little Joker of Spades' Castle” being murdered by the ultra scary (and fantastically designed) “Big Joker of Spades' Castle.” What inspired such a horrifying character?

I always had created Jokers in the past comics I made. So I thought since alot of Jokers and clowns look creepy anyway, I figured I should make an insane Joker that doesn't have morals and looks like a monster. Basically I wanted to create the most scariest and vicious thing that I wouldn't want to encounter. I also wanted to push my limit because I always draw things and people that are easy on the eyes and I wanted to create something opposite and ugly instead XD.

There's sort of a community project going on, which you might want to get into, because you could get your comic reviewed! Everyone likes that, right? harkovast and ifelldownthestairs have teamed up to do The Webcomic Review Comic wherein they make comics reviewing other comics. Where YOU come in is to put your comic up for review! There are just a couple restrictions on which comics can enter themselves, but you can read those and sign yourself up here!

nigbun of Give Me The Sky is having a contest in honor of its upcoming 200th page… Prizes are features, art, and more and the deadline isn't until the end of October, so there is plenty of time to get a piece in!

nigbun's other announcement is that her newer, lighthearted comic TAG has reached 25 pages!

sucks by Larry and Locoma has reached 25 pages also! Larry says, “It recently became a parody comic it seems.” You mean “sucks” was going to be a serious comic…?

ubernite's A Study in Horror and Misery has hit its 50 page milestone! He's also just wrapped up the latest story in this anthology, so two birds with one stone. (Be careful using killing analogies with horror comic creators.)

WoahRoscoe's Woah! Roscoe reaches 50 pages today! Congrats!

Hitting 200 comics today is The Real Macabre's Rock, Paper, Cynic! Also of note, no missed updates ever- come celebrate and get your cynicism on!

The Bend by not_too_shabby (does that mean there is perhaps a little shabbiness?) has just made it to 250 pages. not_too_shabby has an additional message regarding the milestone, and that is: For GREAT JUSTICE! -pose-

CROSS WORLDS NEXXUS by shaneronzio has reached 1100 pages! Why, if he had a dollar for every page, he'd have a lot of money. Shame you don't get paid for doing webcomics. At any rate, shaneronzio feels that 1111 is a much more interesting milestone, so keep an eye out for that one, which should happen on August 29th. :]

Lastly, marblecomics's Startoons Super Force has ended and the final issue is posted (and there is a print edition available for sale which also includes various notes and drawings used during the comic's production) …. but fear not, for marblecomics will be back soon with a new comic, Halo and the Star Scouts which already has some teasers up!



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