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Ozoneocean at 12:52AM, Aug. 20, 2009


Torn between watching late night women's volleyball on the telly and saving the city from the ravages of crime, Slackman dons his cape yet again so that we humble citizens can sleep safe in our beds! That's how the story begins… but it's a fantasy, the true story of Slackman is MUCH more interesting, -A depressed office worker, saved from a suicidal plunge by a well placed pizza van. After this life altering experience, his life begins to… alter. The story of Slackman is born. It's funny, dramatic, action filled, and well paced, with a great plot!

Read it, you'll be craving pizza in no time. New Zealander Ryan Scott is the comic master behind this black and white Marmite fuelled masterpiece. Imagine what it'd be like on Vegemite? Imagine! o_O
Slackman! Rated T+



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