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Lots of DD member interviews, Mafia XX, and lots of milestones!

skoolmunkee at 12:17PM, Dec. 6, 2009

Two more Drunk Duck member interviews this week! First up, we've got nako interviewing ERasER, of Mystery of the Golden Edge!

2. You said in your profile that you're a writer and you write books for a living. So, what kind of books? =?_?=

2A. Well I write a mixture between Science Fiction and Fantasy. I write a book series called the Space Chronicles, which is basically a bunch of small series based on different people and how their lives and the things they do interact with each other.
Right now I'm working on a book called ‘The Immortal’ which is about the first frigate ship to leave Earth (called the Immortal)

Second, we've got elektro interviews BlkKnight of Crossing Death! elektro has stepped up to the plate and done this interview because a while ago, BlkKnight's interview partner didn't finish his half. :[ So kudos to elektro!
Where did the idea for “Crossing Death” come from?
Crossing Death's idea is technically the fourth idea I devised. The two worlds in my stories originated from an original RPG parody I named “Initial Fantasy” (Real original, I know.) which by my current standards is pretty bad. The Final Fantasy forum I showed it to, however, loved it and wanted a sequel. Naturally, I created a sequel (which took three years to do compared to the one month of Initial Fantasy) called…wait for it…Secondary Fantasy. I toned down the RPG parodies a bit to allow more original content. While I still rate Secondary Fantasy's story as bad by current standards, it still introduced some of the divine characters in Crossing Death. Secondary Fantasy is currently being rewritten as Zephyr of Fate. The third story, I named “Generations” is the story that covers events between Zephyr and Crossing Death, and isn't really being worked on heavily right now. Crossing Death, in a sense could be considered the ending of Generations. Leave it to me to present my saga in a fashion similar to Lufia 1 and 2. Guess I can't get away from the parodies afterall.

There are 2 more guaranteed next week too! I've already got them- I just think a lot of them have been posted lately. We've got lots of older interviews to read too! It would be lovely to see some more replies to these so the interviewers/ees know they've been read! :] :] :] :]
Evil_Hare interviews Chernobog of Arachnid Goddess!
repoman interviews theends of The Ends!
theends interviews repoman of Endstone!
ERasER interviews Nako of Kintori, Cat in the Comp, and Half-Half!

therealtj is running the next round of Mafia (Mafia XX: The Book of Foreshadowing) and guess what? It's YOUR big chance to sign up! This time around, the game runs following the traditional rules, but for one twist: “there is an added element at play: certain special events will take place each cycle. Unless someone has found the book, everyone will be left in the dark as to what these events are.” That means there are additional roles for those people who are in possession of one of the books (there's actually 2 books)- which hopefully will complicate things in dramatic and fun ways! They are looking for at least 20 people, but I'm sure more are welcome!

It's Albone again with the lady wrestling comic. I was pretty lame and forgot to email this to you last week, but Rival Angels hit 300 updates! But that's not the REALLY impressive part. The impressive part is that I've never once missed an update!

But Not Really by amanda and BetaJess is officially 75 pages old as of Friday! “We even have a special guest star in the update. Woo and yay!”

BSP_Curt's Divis Morte reaches 25 pages on Tuesday! Congrats!

ERasER's The Mystery of the Golden Edge has reached 50 pages! You should check it out (before or after) you read his interview!

Cowtoonis going to be turning the big 150! That is 150 more pages than comics with just one page.
Actually I think that is 150 more pages than a comic with just zero pages!



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