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Site freeze (temporarily) over, new interviews, and milestones!

skoolmunkee at 1:39PM, Dec. 14, 2009

OK- The site is sort of back now. People should be able to update their comics, leave comments, post on the forums etc.

Unfortunately something went wrong with the database transfer over the weekend, so they're going to have to do this 48-hour freeze again. I'm not sure when they will do it, but since it is a necessary thing, I suspect they are going to want to do it sooner rather than later. Once I know, I will let you know! Hopefully we will have some more warning.

We do apologize that there needs to be some “sort of” downtime here- but it's in the interest of making an improvement to the site and preparing for some new functionality. Not quite the same as things going mysteriously wrong and having unplanned total downtime. I know that this is a real inconvenience for people who want to update and use the site on the affected days, but hopefully most people understand that this is A: necessary, and B: will improve the site. There's a delay involved in moving images and databases and the two options are to either ‘lock down’ the actions on the site which affect the database (as they did this weekend) or allow normal use of the site, with everything that occured over the weekend reverting back to Friday's status on Monday. We've done that before and had people upset that their comic pages, comments, and forum posts vanished. There's no perfect way to do it and that second option is not fun for anyone. So, thanks for your patience.

So- there will be another freeze at some point soon, and I will make a newspost when I know when.

Two new interviews today! I've decided that both quotes are going to be about the unusual lines of work their comic characters are in…

xerjester interviews Strain42 of Persona 3 FTW, Raidou Kuzunoha the 19th and others!

Since I'm not completely up on the background- is the Devil Summoning gig truly run out of the DMV, or was that just something you decided to run with?

-In the games you play as Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th in 1920's Japan. In that game that Yatagarasu is run out of a tiny abandoned temple in the middle of nowhere. I just tried to think “ok, 100 years later, what is the exact opposite of that?” Of course after doing my research I discovered Japan doesn't use the DMV, which is why I had an entire comic devoted to admitting the mistake

Strain42 interviews xerjester of Nine Shot Sonata!
-Also, he works in a Flower Shop? Where did the idea for that come from? It seemed to work well for his character both as an unexpected surprise after what we've seen him do, as well as a good setup for funeral services.

The idea came from some musing I had. Of all descriptions of Hell, what is the one thing a Demon might know of that exists on Earth, but that would never ever ever truly be able to exist in the Pit? The answer? Flowers. I may be projecting a little onto Mal here, too, since I genuinely love to grow things. I'm a sucker for plants. What can I say? The idea of a wise-cracking, sharp-shooting, metal-head demon working in a flower shop makes me smile.
There are also lots of recent interviews just waiting to be read in the Interviews subforum, please check them out and leave a reply if you like them!

On Monday, Kaizoku Ninjas by rougey reaches its 50th comic!

stubblemonkey's The Lost Tribe of Pen G'Uin reaches 25 strips on Wednesday the 16th!



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