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Super great Monday newspost WOOOOO NEWS!

skoolmunkee at 1:35AM, Dec. 28, 2009

Elanor Pam's featured comic Sinful turned 125 pages on Sunday! Cognrats!

Near the end of the great December 22nd 2009 podcast radio interview Kurt Sasso (Vertigo_X) and I enjoyed with Barb Jacobs and Josh (Canterrain) of XyliaTales ( fame, we got to joking around about the nicknames we give to our masses of enthusiastic fans who flock to our comics update after update.

I was thrilled enough with the fact that I am now about to enter my third year of webcomicking, which as Josh had pointed out was the crucial window of success for an independent comic artist. It made me feel a little bad that we haven't come up with a name for the fans of THIS series!

You know what I'm talking about. Marvel Comics fans call themselves Marvelites, Xylia Tales fans are the Xyliacs, so on. Who wants to help us come up with a name for this bunch? Tell you what–first fan to come up with a great name will win an autographed copy of the House of the Muses #1 graphic novel, valued at $19.95! I've also got an extra surprise or two that I'm not mentioning here.

I'll run this contest all through January, so get your entries in now! :) Give us your suggestion in the comment box at the link below! Deadline is January 31, 2010.

Name That Fanclub!

DDer Ersatz has a book out! It is a collection of short stories with some humorous poetry (no comics apparently, sorry!)
It's called ‘The Unitary Authority of Ersatz’ and it's a £7.99 paperback available worldwide from my website:

as well as from Waterstone's and Amazon in the UK.

To get a feel for the stories please check out my website. And if you buy a copy from there through PayPal, there's the option for me to include a message inside!



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