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Monday's feature is the long overdue Acrobat!

skoolmunkee at 3:50AM, Feb. 2, 2009

After the vigilante Blackhawk dies, his sidekick Canary (Wade) is left mentorless and super-wealthy. Wade isn't sure what to do with his life now. He resented being Canary but it's all he knows… so rather than do something sensible, he dons a new costume (Acrobat), subjects himself voluntarily to public high school, and tries to keep himself busy. Superteams don't want him, his schoolmates don't like him, and he just can't decide whether he's doing the right thing. A fun array of heroes and villains, Deadpool-like comebacks, engaging art and more-than-just-superhero story make this comic tops! The art is rough the first few pages, but vastly improves very quickly, so steady on.

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