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Saturday's a good day for an interview and milestones

skoolmunkee at 8:39AM, Feb. 7, 2009

More community interviews are up! Better get used to it folks! (Personally I think this is great- these are so interesting to read!) The newest one is Rori interviewing Sketch Sanchez

json was very sad his comic PowerJeff didn't get a news mention when it reached 75 pages… then he realized he had to tell me about it so I would know! So, everyone should go cheer up json!

MOSAIC by SomaX has “a page and an age” milestone- both 75 pages and 2 years! Also, there will be an awesome anniversary pin-up in addition to the 75th page!

jgib99 ALSO has a double milestone! How Unfortunate is both 3 years and 200 pages old!



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