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Podcast interview and milestones!

skoolmunkee at 11:51AM, Feb. 15, 2009

Following up on last week's news announcement that a podcast was going to happen, houseofmuses would now like to announce that the podcast did happen:

I had a great time with Robert Shelley and Roy Duncan last night at The Villain's Corner web comic chat

I think we had a pretty good time all around. Some of the highlights: Robert read off some of the reviews I've had on the series, and added, “Characters so gorgeous, you could lick 'em like a spoon!” – Roy Duncan, The Villain Next Door

If you missed the interview live, now is your chance to go have a listen. I'm going to take this time once again to thank them for being so gracious as to have me in for an interview. Stay tuned to The Villain's Corner web comic chat for more interviews on up-and-coming webcomic artists!

shaneronzio's CROSS WORLDS NEXXUS will reach an amazing 950 pages on Monday!

Also on Monday, The Author reaches its perfectly respectable 150th comic!



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