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Who wants some Thursday news?

skoolmunkee at 9:46AM, Feb. 26, 2009

Thursday's Quack with the Ducks interview is:
JillyFoo interviews NickGuy of Kung Fu Komix! This one is really interesting! :]

DD has two successful games of Mafia under its belt- they've both been surprisingly exciting! The townies almost lost the last game, being unable to kill the guardian angel who had defected to the mafia… except with the mad bomber's decision to bomb the mayor, who the guardian angel earlier chose to save if she died… well, we got lucky! At any rate it's a game I highly recommend, and Niccea needs only a few more players to sign up before the next game can start!

Time for some comic announcements, in no particular order! (Well, in order received actually)

megan_rose's I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space has reached 225 pages! This means that she's off hiatus (and will be updating pages until mid-April, she tells me). She's also holding a donation drive to get some house funds, which means more time spent on comics, and so forth- all donators get a free poster!

STICKFODDER reaches 150 comics today! “And for the 4th time in a row this milestone is part of the ongoing story that I can't seem to be able to end.”

NightSSc7 says that Mayhem: The Comic is hitting 150 pages! “Anyone who loves twisted humor, with a splash of story here and there, is more than welcome to come and read.” Those other guys aren't invited huh?

This Friday, George the Dragon by Loud_G reaches its 100th comic! He says it is “great, big, green, dragony goodness.” My mind wants to make something filthy out of that, but can't quite make it. :[

KAM's The_KAMics has reached a whopping 950 pages!

Rock, Paper, Cynic by The Real Macabre turned 75 pages (without a missed update) today!

Also today, rokilily's Opaque Dreams turned 1 year old!



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