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My dear you have such lovely news

skoolmunkee at 3:03AM, Jan. 3, 2009

Pokemon Sinnoh Surfer by Walrus turned 200 this week!

albone's Rival Angels is 1 year old! albone also tells me he's updated 3 times a week and never missed an update- “Now's a great time to jump on Rival Angels as we're in the middle of the one of the those ‘LOST’ style flashbacks with floor shaking music and everything!* (*LOST flashback music and everything not included.)”

Reaching 300 pages is Beautiful Skies by Kilre!

Salt the Holly by amanda reached 125 pages on new year's day!

Fortune Zero's Nine Thousand Nines has reached 25 pages!

BFF Satan by BffSatan is now 50 pages old!

AAAAAANnnnnnnnd last but certainly not least… (if I said “least” she'd kill me) we have Putrid Meat by Pit Face! it's passed the 75 page mark!



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