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Hey guys, this newspost is a forums-stravaganza!

skoolmunkee at 3:45PM, Jan. 10, 2009

I'm a cowboy, howdy howdy howdy howdy!

OK guys, the holidays are over and it's time again to start spending your free time on the internet- may I suggest the Drunk Duck Community Forums? Well too bad because I just did!

DD has always been a great site for comic-loving people to get together. The forums have always been an important part of the site as it's where you can meet new (or longtime) users, share and promote your work, and talk about your interests, your life, or just yourself. :) If you're not on the forums, you're not using everything DD has to offer!

The forums have more categories than many people would like right now, but we hope that's forgivable. It does mean that there's a forum for just about anything you'd want to talk about. Don't be afraid to come in and make a new topic if you don't see many existing threads you're interested in! Remember that a forum is only as good as the posts in it- if you think you can help make the forum an interesting place, please do post! (And if you've already tried the forums and didn't take to them- maybe you could tell me why, it might be something we can improve?)

I'll take the opportunity here to point out some forum areas of general interest, but please do visit the main forum page to see everything “on offer”- if I were to write a complete post here it would be so long that no one would read it. :) It's pretty long already!


General Discussion - The place to talk about general topics, from cultural differences to your silly childhood beliefs to the relationship between sex life and creative energy! You can also rant, vent, or just share about your life, or post photos of yourself (or just lurk and stare at other people's photos) in the DD photo thread.

In Debate and Discussion you can argue (in a civilized debate style) about such topics as energy efficiency and space colonization! (There doesn't seem to be a Gaza topic yet? I'm surprised!)

What the Heck?! is the place for “random, interesting, NON spammy stuff” - it's where the funny and interesting photos go, the cool facts, youtube videos and memes!

There's lots of discussion places for comic-craft topics too: sign up to get your comic reviewed in the review forum (of course you have to do reviews in return), talk about advertising, conventions, or simply promote your work. Use the Tips and Tricks forum to pick up useful techniques like making a starry sky, find out how to get people to read your comic, or get into art topics like inking methods or speech balloons. Don't miss the Comics Discussion forum where you can talk about your comic-making habits, get critical advice and find or recommend creative gems, among other things.

If you just want to get together and have fun (not the naughty kind) with your fellow DDers, try Networking and Community if you're looking for projects to collaborate on like Fusions or if you need (or can offer) writers or artists. Play forum games with other DDers in the Forum Games subforum. Don't forget the project-specific subforums like Fightsplosion!

When it comes to media there is a lot- in the Media Discussion forum, it's usually talk of cartoons, music, or movies. Art and Literature is a great place for sharing sketches, talking about books, and even seeing how your art has changed. The Game Room is video game central- most anticipated games of 2009, your favorite RPG game, and video game habits.

All kinds of help is available in the Coding and Templates, Help! How do I…? and Bug Reporting forums. Most people are helpful, and although it might be hard to find someone to do a bunch of html coding for you, small questions are usually answered quickly!




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