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Sunshine, Saturday, and... Snews

skoolmunkee at 9:16AM, Jan. 24, 2009

The compozerz by antcomics has reached 50 pages!

House of the Muses #1 is climbing the charts at WOWIO! “At the time of this message it's at #6 - House of the Muses #2 and #3 will be going up there soon!”

littlerain's Godot has reached 75 pages!

Legacyhero and PowerManX have posted the 50th page of their collaborative comic, GOLDEN!

BK by kyupol has reached 25 pages! kyupol says, “It restarted, tha's why it was taken off the faves list of some peple.”

Tundra's Notebook has just reached 50 comics!

The Escapists by SGYDK has reached 50 comics on Saturday!



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