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OK, pretend it is Thursday and this is the Thursday newspost!

skoolmunkee at 4:11PM, Jan. 28, 2009

OK, pretend it is Thursday and this is the Thursday newspost!

Because it turned Thursday for me 10 minutes ago, so I think that's okay.

Another creator interview is up! This time, BlkKnight interviews alejkhan (creator of Lola, Jump, and Fireborn)! So far they are 4 for 4 with these interviews, each one has been interesting and fun to read- so check this new one out, and don't forget to read the other red stickied interviews in that forum to find out more about For Your Eyes Only, Harkovast, and House of the Muses!

soonmme's “A Pokemon comic with a long title” has reached 1 year old today!

LOVEFEAST by Senshuu is also one year old! (She gets this reposted because I messed up last time and didn't include the pretty picture)

Alsooooooooo reaching 1 year is Despotize by ShinuZero!

The Chronicles of Wyrden hits its 125th update on Thursday- AND, as a special treat, the artist has got some special art techniques planned for the big page!

highspeedcomics's Heroes By Hand reached 25 pages the other day- just the right amount of pages for checking out!

On Friday, YO! Comix by MushroomComix & co. will hit 75 pages!

And a smattering of special announcements!

The FINAL “Put Words in Their Mouths” Contest over at Zorphbert and Fred commences this Thursday, 1/29. Stop by and enter to win the very last Z&F cameo prize- your characters drawn by dgriff13! You have until Monday, February 2nd, to post or email your entry, so no excuses!

I am publishing a 50-page odyssey edition of Clench and Cheese. It's a reworking of material published here a couple of years ago. I have reformatted it for print, and in the process have substantially rewritten a lot of the dialog. Still pretty raunchy (not for kids) but overall a big improvement. Any sort of shout out would be great. It will update full color five days a week.



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