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Milestones of all shapes and sizes, and a great new interview!

skoolmunkee at 3:17AM, July 29, 2009

Stickfodder sent me this last week but I accidentally deleted it- sorry! (It's all good though because he sent it again.) STICKFODDER reached 200 sticky comics yesterday, which was its 1 year anniversary to boot!

A very belated congrats to Hunchdebunch, whose comic The Door reached 25 pages some time ago!

The Dreamer, the lovely comic by comic_chic, hit 200 pages this week!

Bacon Strips (if it's Kevin, we've seen him naked already) will reach 150 pages on Thursday! Gillespie says, “I intend on replying on every comment people have left on it for the occasion, since I didn't know a very good way of doing it, but now I do!” That sounds like a challenge to me folks, can he be overwhelmed???

On Friday, HiNaTa_fan_13, in a “quitting my job special” will be posting 2 color pages and bringing Hall of Randomness to 175 pages! I'm sure we are all grateful you quit your job just to bring us more comic pages!

That's right folks! We have a new interview up today, and it's a doozy. DrLuck interviews the creator of I Fell Down the Stairs! Here is my favorite part of the interview!

3. Finalist for the most deliciously offensive last year. I can completely see why! Why don't you talk a bit about your kind of humor?

I remember in the sixth grade, (I was eleven, for those of you who ain't ‘merican folk) we had a reading class, and my teacher asked the class, “does that ever make you a little sad when you finish a book?” The puzzlement was abound in the classroom, because sixth graders don’t read recreationally, unless they're nerds.

….I was a nerd. I knew exactly what she was talking about.

But then the first thing to pop up in my head after “yeah, that sucks” is her saying “…doesn't it make you a little mad?” and the classroom growing uneasy, with rage slowly building in her face. “Doesn't it just… JUST MAKE YOU WANNA FUCKING KILL SOMEBODY???” and then she throws a desk, screaming student still sitting in it, out the window and screams maniacally.

So now I'm in the back, desperately trying to suppress my laughter, while she goes on about that day's lesson.

That's what my humor are based on primarily, that and misleading the reader, which is a great device for someone who hates (but admittedly often succumbs to) predictability.



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