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It's time for your midweek news fix!

skoolmunkee at 5:20AM, June 4, 2009

edgarallenpoo, of the Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allen Poo, has a comic in this month's competition - Sidewise! He would greatly appreciate any support (especially in the form of votes, and registration only takes 10 seconds). Good luck! Here's a synopsis for you fence-sitters: “Teen genius Adam Graham borrows his parents' time device to visit 1902 London, only to find himself in an alternate dystopian past. As a member of Nikola Tesla's band of young freedom fighters known as SteampunX, Adam must wage a war against a myriad of deadly steam-powered robots, mad scientists and a nefarious state police controlled by Queen Victoria's preserved brain to free the oppressed nation, crown a new monarch and return to his world in time for a final exam.”

The final page of JustNoPoint's Devon Legacy Prologue has been posted, although there are some bonus features on the way- longest prologue ever at almost 300 pages? JNP is taking a bit of a break, but intends to come back with The Devon Legacy “Proper” next year… this comic has been in the Top 10 so I'm sure many people will miss it, and are looking forward to more!

—milestone time!—

Niccea has a milestone! The featured Mystery Bread by herself and Ochitsukanai reaches 50 pages on Friday!

Shaman Quest by Dark Pascual has also recently hit 50 pages!

HiNaTa_fan_13's and LadyBlue's Telemarketer is 25 comics old!

Deadpill by AshleeS has just hit 300 pages, and is also about to start Volume 4!



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