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It's thursday news and jelly time, it's thursday news and jelly time

skoolmunkee at 1:08AM, June 11, 2009

Hey all! I've got a lot of news for today- seems like people have been busy! That's a good thing. :]

First up, we've got MAFIA SIGNUPS - this forum game has been a big hit with some people, and it is pretty fun and doesn't take much time. All the fun of life-threatening paranoia and state-sanctioned execution and none of the personal danger!

Codunn and The Pope's Servant of the Servants of God has reached 25 pages! They would love some new readers and any feedback. :]

Zos Kias by Kojika has reached over 300 pages, and has also just published and put up for sale Volume 2!

Anubis has reached 3 years with Blood Bound, and “the girls are looking forward to the future”! Me too, where's my hover car?

But Not Really by amanda and Jess and has reached 25 pages of “photocomicky goodness”! Also, have a wonderful day!

The Real Macabre
Rock, Paper, Cynic reaches 150 comics without missed updates or filler on Thursday. We also launched a store on Tuesday. Come celebrate!

Tomorrow, JillyFoo's Demon Eater will hit 300 pages!

On Monday, June 15, The Temple of a Thousand Tears turns 175!

The revelation about who is hunting the Hikari has come out, but before Sophia can get revenge for the bombing at the cathedral she must rush to the Bamboo Forest and rescue her sister from the Man with Beady Eyes. Exhausted and injured, can Sophia defeat the behemoth and complete her mission before her people are wiped from the face of the earth?

The tale of tragedy and justice continues every Monday.

Crazy Duck by crazyduck reached 350 yesterday! Congrats!

Hitting 100 comics is booger's A Few Brain Cells Short of Normal!



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