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This newspost is about lba!

skoolmunkee at 2:28AM, June 17, 2009

lba is a user here on DruckDuck who does a comic Last Words! The comic is pretty good, we feaured it and everything. He hasn't updated it in a while but that's ok, it happens to all of us. It is a comic about pieces of gum (or marshmallows or teeth), you should check it out!

Also, lba likes graffiti art which seems like a pretty cool thing to me. I've seen some pretty great graffiti/street art and I always wonder why people get so upset about it. If you set up designated space for that kind of thing, then people can take their time and make really nice stuff, rather than rushing out those crummy “DOGG WAS HERE” and scampering off into the night.

Something else about lba - Up until today, I thought his username was “iba” but it turns out it's “Lba”! How many of you knew that?

lba doesn't take crap from anybody- it just rolls right off his back. He doesn't need to fight because he is like “whatever man, everyone can do their own thing, it's cool.” Everybody really likes him because he's a great guy.

Also there is a music video I've seen a few times that lba reminds me of for some reason. It is a couple years old and kind of a dance song, and it has a guy who was made in a factory and all these hot nurses are dancing around him and sitting on him trying to get him to react and he is like, “women, please. T___T” I don't know the song or the guy though so I can't youtube it for you.

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