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What do tears, loam, nicotine, cornbread, used books, and putrid meat have in common?

skoolmunkee at 5:41AM, June 18, 2009

Someone has been busy and it's not me! It's these guys:

Temple of a Thousand Tears by trevoramueller has reached 175 pages!

After fighting the Tojin Feria and learning the secret behind the conspiracy committed by the Holy Order of Abraham's new leader, Cardinal Milikin, Sophia rushes to the Bamboo Forest to rescue her sister Selphi from the evil Kidjo - the Man with Beady Eyes! Will she be able to rescue her sister and protect the Hikari people from genocide? Updates Monday.

Vice and Virtue by Loam (which also happens to be featured today) will reach 75 pages on Friday! double congrats. :]

Reaching 25 pages is Nicotine's The Rose Killer! She adds, “The sleuthing has just started, so please stop by and read while the archives are still small!” Nicotine is majoring in Chinese! NI HAO MA?!

CornBreadtm (can you trademark food?) has a double announcement! STOLIDUS LONGINUS has reached 50 pages, and Sonic Uproar has hit 25!

Used Books by usedbooks has reached page 725. 725, man!!! She has also recently started a new comic The Quiet Field which is very cute!

Lastly but not leastly, “Saint” PIT_FACE has reached 100 pages withPUTRID MEAT! She also has recently started a new comic, DETHRONED, which is a short spin-off of Putrid Meat!

Edit: Okay, after about 6 edits I think I got this all right. :]



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