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Bloodhound and Berserk Final get a nod, and milestones aplenty!

skoolmunkee at 1:08PM, June 20, 2009

Through participation in a limited time offer (game in the General forum), both Bloodhound by TheMidge28 and Berserk Final by ccs1989 get a mention here for no reason other than they asked for one! Well, actually, they asked to be featured- but I'm not doing THAT. (Bloodhound has already been featured, and Berserk Final is based on a copyrighted property and all.) They are both pretty cool dudes and the comics are good- hopefully my mentioning them here gets them a couple looks anyway!

A Smiling Platypus tells me that As the Galaxy Turns has reached 75 pages! He adds, “Despite Paramount's recent attempt to return Star Trek to its roots, here is the REAL story of the Enterprise. Its really groovy, man - and so far out its in!” Sounds like some real deep space physics there…

Today, WWE the Comic by Walrus turns 200! For all your WWE comic needs!

The Optimist by Kristin Gudsnuk has reached 25 pages as of Saturday! (We featured this one, it's on the front page right now!) Kristen is celebrating “this momentous occasion with a cameo from the cepelinas in Kazimieras's pocket!!” If you want to know what that means then maybe you should visit the comic!

theninjap's comic featuring Talking Guinea Pigs has hit 100 pages! Congrats! You remember this one right? It's about a cute talking guinea pig who gets displaced on a space mission and partners up with a Russian intellectual? We featured it- looks like it's back!



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