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News I was supposed to post Monday - a new interview, and milestones!

skoolmunkee at 1:49AM, June 24, 2009

Hey everybody! A new interview is up! This time around, Pieguy259 interviews Pirka of Interdimensional Transfer Student Erro! I think you should check it out (and perhaps leave a reply letting them know what you think?)!

Now onto the meat of this tasty interview sandwich: Interdimensional Transfer Student Erro (what a mouthful!). Where'd you first get the idea for this comic?

Tasty interviews - that's my kind of sandwich!

Why, thank you for asking! Interdimensional Transfer Student Erro originally came from my love of Japanese slice-of-life style yonkoma/four-panel manga, as well as the anime based on them - Lucky Star, Azumanga Daioh, Hidamari Sketch, etc. Essentially, Japanese comic strips (as opposed to comic stories, which I've never really been able to get into, North American or not). There is a kind of charm in those that is unparalleled but also very difficult to translate into any language other than the original Japanese without a lot of reference-explaining. The reference-explaining is all well and good, but it detracts a lot from the ‘flow of in-jokes in a conversation with friends’ feel that so many of these slice-of-life series have had. When I came up with the idea of Erro, it was to try to create a comic with this style that didn't need to be translated because the jokes were written for an English-speaking audience, but also be simple enough for people of all cultures to go ‘hey, that’s happened to me before!'. I still don't think I've quite succeeded, but I hope that I'm getting there.
There was going to be an announcement about Mafia X signups here, but they filled up in record time and the game has started already (and is at 12 pages) so uh…. keep an eye out for Mafia XI which will probably have signups in about 2 weeks!

Speaking of Mafia, the Drunk Duck Mafia Comic (run and oft-contributed by Niccea) has reached 175 pages!

MrHades has posted page 125 of Retake! He adds that this is the final issue (before Relik begins, anyway)!

MAG-ISA by kyupol is at 250 pages (9 chapters)!

Reaching 50 pages is Inoshishi's Kemono Densetsu!



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