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Thursday's news! come git!

skoolmunkee at 12:37AM, March 12, 2009

Thursday's interview! GiantPinkWalrus interviews JoeL_CQB of CQB Epics!

More interviews in the Interview forum!

Peipei's DeadFingers has reached 150! Ra-ther!

Pokemon Yellow Comics by MysteriousJeff uploaded its 75th page on Tuesday! Well done!

Aghammer's Reverse Polarity has reached 25 pages! Brill!

MAG-ISA by kyupol just hit 225 pages! Tip top!

angry_black_guy's Glimmer turned 25 yesterday! Cheerio guv'na!

Harkovast has hit 50 pages! Kippers and pie! Also, this:

Thankyou to Harkovasts small but fanactical group of fans, for helping us to get this far! Your encouragement has been overwhelming!



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