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What is Saturday Night all right for, other than fighting?

skoolmunkee at 12:02PM, March 28, 2009

Tantz Aerine is running a contest for her comic wolf, to celebrate its 100th page and also mark that the comic is coming to its end… Details are here - the winner gets their submission used as the comic's cover, a special role in the comic, and some other things- but there is a consolation prize for other entrants too!

Times Like This by PyThomas posted its 200th page on Friday!

TheflyingGreenMonkey's No Talent reached 50 pages, also on Friday!

Bobby the Fetus by gullas hits its 125th milestone this weekend!

@$$hole!, the teen-rated comedy comic about web comic creator Trevor and his demonic Japanese roommate, Susie, turns 175 on Wednesday and starts off with a brand new story arc:

Trevor, Laura (his girlfriend), and Susie all go on spring break together and end up on a nude beach! When Susie's fellow barristas show up to challenge them to a grudge match of volley ball, it's anyone's guess how far either side will go to win - or retain their dignity!

Updates Wednesdays and Fridays.



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