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Mafia, interview, and milestones!

skoolmunkee at 9:07AM, May 7, 2009

Hey everybody! It's time to sign up for the next round of Mafia! I can't think of anyone who has given this game a try and hated it, so that must mean that if you try it you will like it too! They are changing the rules up a little this time around (it keeps things interesting) but don't worry, the core elements of killing other people and getting killed yourself are still there!

Also, We have got some more interviews! Round 7 has taken a while, but the interviews are starting to come in. The first one up is sifueagle's interview of krisikas of Age of Ends! Go read it! go go go go, because there are more coming next week!

Cowtoon by machinehead reaches 50 on Friday!

Love Curse by Wordweaver_three is 25 and he is celebrating with a monster double page!

reboundcomic has posted the 250th strip of Rebound! It is also the start of the 21st Chapter, “the first to break down the fourth wall”- sounds like a dirty job :]

Moonlight Motel by slave2moonlight has reached 25 pages! Also by slave2moonlight, and also passing 25 pages, is The Tinne!



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