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You guys are prolific!

skoolmunkee at 9:42AM, May 13, 2009

Have I got a bunch of news today! I don't even normally do news on Wednesday, but I figured there was so much that if I waited then I'd have even more…

Be sure not to miss the user interviews that have been posted this week - more are coming and you don't want to fall behind! (You see, I think no one has read them because no one has left comments or replies to them, it makes me sad.) taradaga interviews ozoneocean of Pinky TA and sifueagle interviews krisikas of Age of Ends

Subhuman by The Gravekeeper is going to be published in Retrograde, a small press anthology! The first story arc is available to read here on DD at 15 pages!

Niccea tells me that “thanks to a generous heap of page donations by rokulily” Drunk Duck Mafia has reached 150 pages!

Sameth has two milestones! Today (Wednesday), Dragon City reaches its 450th comic (and will be 4 years old in a few weeks, on the 27th)! And, on Friday, his other comic Jix turns 300 and will have a special comic to commemmorate the occasion!

Traume von Magpie by darkwaterfrey has just released its 25th page!

Aleks55 and Hawk of Rawk have Important Business! And it's 100 pages long!

Bacon Strips by Gillespie is 75 comics old!

Blitzkrieg1701 says,

Well, anyway, my comic Far Out There hit 150 pages today, so I thought I'd make a big deal out of it :D Also, if I could slip in a little shout out:

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Cameo Fest (which just wrapped up this week)! It was lots of fun playing around so many other characters, if only for a moment. We'll have to do this again sometime!

Blood Reign and Devil Jack by ttyler has hit 75 pages!

Pirka has something to say too, and that's:
I never thought I'd even get this far, but my sole comic, Interdimensional Transfer Student Erro, just hit 25 pages (not counting the cover, so really it's 26)! I'm honestly astounded by the praise that the community has given me - it never would have gotten past the first few pages without the Ducks' sage advice!

Magick? by magickmaker has just reached 500 comics!

Jonko's Picture Diary (by Jonko, who else?) has reached 50 pages!



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