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Another interview! And more milestones! And a contest!

skoolmunkee at 3:18AM, May 29, 2009

Another Drunk Duck user interview from Round 7! I of course advise you to go and read it right away!TheFlyingGreenMonkey interviews sifueagle of Cloud Eagle and Shinobi Sheriff!

Well explained. Okay next classic question, when and why did you start making comics?

My most vivid early memories are of watching Battle of the Planets and Super Friends. I think it has something to do with the coolness of the capes. I'd trace Batman and Robin in coloring books but would draw the capes myself. Over time I started drawing what I saw. Once my imagination started kicking, I started sketching (very badly) my own creations.

Why do I do comics? I think first and foremost I'm a creator. Whether bouncing ideas around with a partner, taking a photo, manipulating images, or drawing; I thrive on bringing something original into reality. To be more specific and personal, for myself, it's a dream come true each time I can take my ideas and see it become a reality in front of me.

On Monday, WWE the Comic by Walrus reached 175 pages!

I hope I am not too late announcing this one:

I just wanted to let you know that I've reached strip #100 with [Breaking the Ice. In addition to this week's strip, I'm also running a contest this week where readers can email me with their favorite strip and enter to win a free BTI t-shirt! So come on by and join the 100 strip celebration!

Shadow-Root, Dumok's dark urban fantasy webcomic, has now reached 100 pages!

Polkster's PolkOut is going to be hitting 75 total pages on Monday! (75 non-guest pages on Wednesday, but we're not picky about the source of the pages here are we?) :]

Grin n Spirit by ghostrunner has hit 475!

valesse's watery adventure comic Buienne has hit 25 pages!



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