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Milestones, a comic ending, and lots of interviews!

skoolmunkee at 3:02AM, Nov. 19, 2009

kitsunesan's Will and Toyko has ended this week, at 274 pages. He says he is taking a break from comics, but let's hope he comes back soon!

The Mystery of the Golden Edge by ERasER has reached its 25th comic! Congrats!

Ashveira's The Asim Stone has reached 100 pages!

Reaching 75 pages this weekend is AGENCY by JediAnn Solo! She says that the story is barely beginning- so a good time to jump in?

Eduds tells me that Life and (Maybe) Death of Ed reached 350 strips this week! And “To celebrate it, the comic will be totally revamped in a new fully custom style. More details (but not many) at the milestone special page.”

On Wednesday, cirienphoenix's Such is Life made it to 100 pages! “We're currently running 5-days-in-a-row update because I'm talking about a car accident I just had, but usually we're funny and not emo-drama kids, haha.” Oh come on, car accidents can be funny and emo. :]

Guys! Maybe you didn't notice the newspost earlier this week? We've got 3 brand-spanking new Drunk Duck interviews posted for your reading pleasure! They're all pretty interesting, and I will be so very disappointed in all of you who don't read them!

The Very First Weekly Interview Newspost!

Hey guys! This week rather than spacing the interviews out (we have three!) I've decided to post them all on Sunday, give them their own newspost, and let you guys have at it. I do hope you enjoy reading these- they're fun for people to do and get people a bit of exposure! The forums don't track views/reads, so a special thank you to everyone who replies to the interviews with some comments or thoughts!

So here you guys go- you've got a week to check them out (they only take 5-10 minutes each to read!) and then hopefully we will have some new ones!

First up, we've got an interview of gullas, who does Bobby the Fetus. One of our interview alternates JustNoPoint has very kindly done this interview, because gullas's partner way back didn't do his half! >:[ It's all worked out though, because this interview is pretty awesome with some fun questions and great answers!

3. Q: In regards to Bobby the Fetus, after studying the human anatomy for hours to no end, and practicing with sketches rivaling those of Leonardo Da Vince, you finally settled onto a style that shows the prowess of all art forms focused into the prime materials, the real deal, the focus of art, was it hard to get to this point in your art?

… not really, I'm sorry :P. But I was bored once in a math class, scribled something in my work book, liked the shape and added two dots. Then my buddy asked me “What is that?” and I proudly said “That is fetus, Bobby the Fetus” XD
About a year later, I was really bored and decided to make some comic pages and post it here on DD ^^

Then we've got Chernobog's interview of Evil_Hare from Jake the Evil Hare, where we learn a bit about Evil_Hare, his comic choices and inspirations, and why we should read Jake the Evil Hare:
10. So, why is Jake so angry all the time?
Well, Jake's got a good heart, but as it is, he's kind of ornery by nature. Throw in being blamed for dozens of felonies he didn't commit, being banned from the superheo community, and his seemingly infinite ability to attract people who can't let him be, Jake's always got somebody pushing his buttons. He's also probably pretty frustrated with not knowing anything of his past beyond the last few weeks and what he's been told by Nadine.

I guess you could say Jake is a guy who genuinely wants to do the right thing, but has serious anger issues that tend to get in the way of his quest for justice. Then there's the fact that just about everyone thinks he's evil..

I'd like to say more, but it'd be a total spoiler

Last but not least, we've got the flipside interview - Evil_Hare asking questions of Chernobog, of Arachnid Goddess! Yes, there is a little about spiders (for you spider wimps)… but mostly this interview is very revealing and downright fascinating. Just check it out for yourself:
1. Okay, where'd the whole spider thing start out? Why spiders?

Ah ha ha… why not spiders? In a manner of speaking, it's like this. People have their favorites. The usual fantasy schlock is elves, angel/demons, vampires, bipedal cat things, and maybe some dragons. This is how modern society wants its pre-processed fantasy content; I liken it to everyone they envied with in their high school years. The inexplicably popular kids, the beautiful people, the innately charismatic, etc. Vicarious power and beauty fantasies. Maybe we can call it Meg Griffon syndrome. Heck, look at the sheer amount of celebrity worship that exists in American society. “Leave Brittney alone!”

Point being, I find those kind of things typically boring and paint by numbers. If its not a tired anime cliche, or a sparkling sissy metrosexual vampire, then its a third rate Tolkien knock off. These things were good before they were done to death! Vampires were halfway decent at one point before Anne Rice f'ed them up with gaudy but somehow socially approved necrophiliac fantasies. Give me Max Schreck in Nosferatu anyday.

Seriously, why spiders? I don't have a special way to describe it, save this. Where the average person goes into pants messing terror whenever something comes a crawlin', I become completely fascinated. I suppose there's a brain wrinkle missing for me. In a richer life, I would have gone onto higher education to become an arachnologist. I'm also a shaman, with spider as my totem. I've loved them since just past the time I learned to walk.

Anyway, spiders provide an interesting outlook about humanity, if you think about it. Take those people who say they love all animals or the kind who think the best of everyone else. Now add knee jerk revulsion and suddenly all the rules and principles we hold are so much inconvenience. Kill it, smash it, destroy it, it's scary, horrifying, and gonna get me. I've heard it all before.

Spiders are the amongst the ranks of the non-cute animals that are just trying to get through life. Despite these creatures serve a vital purpose in our world, many prefer they didn't exist. And sometimes, some of us play the role of a petty god and remove them from the equation for violating our senses.

Arachnid Goddess' main character, Ahab, is an outcast. She has no friends, her life is going nowhere, and generally, she's not pretty to look at. But at least until provoked, she's not hurting anyone and just wants to be left alone. Over the course of the story, it is shown she has many subtle qualities similar to spiders. She has a right to lead her life as she wants, but she really doesn't fit much with other people.



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