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Nerds Take Over World For 24 Hours, Make Comics

skoolmunkee at 4:46AM, Oct. 3, 2009

Hey hey hey, it's 24 Hour Comics day! This is the day where devoted comic-makers spend 24 hours (ideally, 24 straight hours) making a comic! It doesn't have to be great, polished, or even perfect… maybe you just want to do quick little hourly comics or a sketchy thing. Or maybe you're a die-hard and have a fridge full of mountain dew and the chinese place delivers! Want to do it but it's a little too late for you to fit this in? That's okay- 24-Hour Comic Day is forgiving, if you want to do it next weekend, or split it into 2 12-Hour Comic Days, or something, it's okay! The point is to make some comics!

Kristen Gudsnuk's The Optimist is over! :[ Alas and alack, The Optimist is finished!! “What?” you ask yourself. “How could this possibly happen?” But somehow, it did.

Mearndom by Theskunktrainer reached 25 comics on Friday! She has another announcement coming too…

And did you notice that Stickman and Cube recently hit 275 comics? Pieguy259 didn't, because he was busy being in a crossover at the time.



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