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Spear Wielding Reporter Interviews A God, Things Get Bloody

skoolmunkee at 11:50PM, Oct. 4, 2009

Hello everyone! Welcome to Monday! Today's biggest news of note is a good ‘un, and I’m telling you that you have no excuse not to read it! spearcarrier interviews Anubis of Blood Bound:

Q. Was there a time you ever felt like giving up?

A. Oh yes, early on I was only using Comic Genesis and well I wasnt gettting any feedback from readers (I knew I had readers they just didnt tell me anything) then when I found Drunk Duck and saw people comment I went YAY! and thus Bloodbound was saved!

Bongotezz tells me that his comic The Amazing Superteam will post page 200 on Tuesday! It must be pretty amazing if it can post its own pages!

signifikat has reached 100 pages!

And Bombshell reached 50 pages a while ago already (I'm counting the pin-ups too, because I make sure they're not just lazy fillers and the whole comic is kind of pin-up-y anyway).



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