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Mafia Takes Over, Tells Everyone They Are Special

skoolmunkee at 10:06AM, Oct. 12, 2009

Product Placement is once again GM of the DD Mafia, and you can sign up for DD MAfia XVII: The Madness Continues if his special brand of killing folks off appeals to you! He describes the upcoming game as: “This time I'm using the standard setup except my twist will be that everyone will have a special role. There will be no townies. Because of that I'll be making tons of new and zany roles for this game like the pimp, the duelist, the celebrity politician and more.”

by mr_thin reaches strip #25 today! You had better believe that a comic called ‘rampant cynisism’ mocks our modern sociopolitical climate and is the type of comic where Kanye West can interrupt the Terrorist Video Awards.

As of today, The Chronicles of Wyrden by Doctor Shadow and RevaFlynn (probably spelled that wrong) hits 200 glorious pages, and what better way to celebrate than having page 200 in COLOUR! That's British colour by the way, which is more refined than plain old color. (And he didn't mention it to me, but I can tell you that page 200 also has a naked lady on it.) And then he says “Ding!” which is like, I don't know, the microwave popcorn is done?

On Tuesday, DungeonmasterJim's The Necropolis Chronicles reaches its 200th page! You remember this spooky comic, right? It was featured back when it had maybe a quarter of its current pages. You had better hurry and catch up!



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