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Mad Women Interviewed By Slightly Less Mad Women; Many Milestones Managed

skoolmunkee at 3:24AM, Sept. 9, 2009

Sameth's Jix turns 350 today! He says there's no special comic for it, but I'm sure it's still worth checking out!

Dome Busta by the indefinable that kid yellow reaches 50 pages today!

POWERJEFF has reached a whopping 200 story pages (which is worth like 500 story points, if this was a game…..right?) and is near the conclusion of its fourth chapter.

Our 1 year DD anniversary is coming up soon, too. we're gonna have a special DD page with POWERJEFF and the Drunk Duck to commemorate the occasion.

Yesterday, The Door by Hunchdebunch had its 50th page! Dont' forget she has a fanart contest going too!

MAG-ISA by kyupol is both 275 and 2 years old!

And lastly (because there is a giant quote!) we've got a new interview for everyone! Niccea and Ochitsukanai interview amanda and BetaJess of But Not Really! (Don't forget the many other worthy interviews in the Interview forum!)
“But Not Really” looks like it must be insanely fun to make (it is also super-fun to read!). Do you have any stories about your epic photo comic-making travails?
Amanda: Oh my goodness, BNR is entirely too much fun, and there are almost always behind the scenes stories to tell. One of my favorites involves the Doom Pineapple arc. My company sent me on a mission to find out more about a particular company (we'll call them Q Corp). Jess happened to be hanging out with me at work that day, so we decided to turn this mission into a BNR strip. That also was part of the cover story for why we were just walking into this random office in the middle of the day. The only props I had available at work were my glow-in-the-dark scimitar (a leftover from Talk Like a Pirate Day 2008) and a plastic pineapple. We figured Q Corp would tell us to go away when we showed up asking to take pictures in their office, but they thought it was funny. Their CEO even offered to take the pictures for us! We had to make up that story on the spot, too. Awkward, yet completely hilarious! Then, on our way back to the car, we shared the elevator with the vending machine filler man, and he gave us a whole bunch of chips and crackers because he thought we were funny. Back at my office, Jess dumped all the snacks on my boss's desk, and he looked horrified and said, “Oh my God, you STOLE from them?!”
BetaJess: Okay, Amanda pretty much told the most crazy of our stories (and left out some of the details, I might add!), but every single one of our BNR updates has a story behind it almost as crazy as the comic itself! If any one's ever curious about one story in specific, just ask us and I we'd love to tell it!



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