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Admin In A Hurry, Can't Think of Good Headline

skoolmunkee at 11:55PM, Sept. 27, 2009

Just a little reminder to please send me Monday news before Sunday evening, otherwise I might not have time Monday morning to put it all together before posting. :] Please thanks!

MrHades and SympleSymon's comic Retake is ending on Friday, and to lead up to the ending they are posting one page every day! (And MrHades and his wife are expecting a baby this month, so congrats for that!) Stay tuned though, because Retake will as a new series Relik next year…

Also ending is Lil Hero Artists: The Original Series by silvipera and floodgatemartyr, at 101 pages. It looks like they've got other projects going though!

The Drunk Duck Mafia Comic (run by Niccea) will shoot past 250 on Tuesday! Niccea adds that ParkerFarker and Aghammer drew the entirety of Mafia XI. Go team!

Tim and Steph Get Married by Starstriker will hit 25 pages on Tuesday! And Starstriker's other comic, Shadow Force, has returned from a 2.5 year hiatus!

Perfectly Normal Insanity by Twilight_of_the_gods reaches 200 pages today!

With the Monday post, Robot Wars the Comicbook will go over three hundred pages (300) yea!! Did you know that less than five percent of comics here on DD ever make it that far? Whew! Currently doing a little something with the magickal pixies of Monhegan Island, Maine (and I'm not kidding about the fairies of Monhegan either–you can Google them!) This might seem an odd combo, given the Sci-Fi nature of Robot Wars, but hey, sometimes things in the real world are just too cool to leave out. So stop on by! We'll keep a spot open for you by the fire!

Mmmm, fire.



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