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Here is your Sunday News, IT IS DELICIOUS

skoolmunkee at 9:52AM, April 4, 2010

I am sure you have noticed that the DrunkDuck Store is open! And if you haven't- notice now!

It's easy- just register (you can link to your DD account there) and start uploading art! (You do need a paypal account because that's how you're paid.) It might take a few hours to get your art approved, but that's all you need to do! Your art will be in the store for people to find and make into a product! And also you should probably direct your readers to your store, so they know they can buy stuff from your ultra cool comic there!

Do you have to have a comic to put stuff in the store? Does the art have to be comic-related? NO THAT WOULD BE SILLY

Oh, all right. Other news then!

I um…. forgot to do a Wednesday newspost again last week. So there is a lot to say this time!

Also I never remember to do April Fool's jokes because I am bad at them, so I will do one now. Um… uh….


OK that was rubbish. Fine, here is your news.

Heeeeeeeey you guys remember Quack With The Ducks, right? That super great community project where people who have comics of 20 or more pages can pair up to give and receive an interview, which is then posted in the interview forum?

OF COURSE YOU DO because all the interviews are so great, you've read them all. And now you're dying to give/receive an interview too! Well this is your LUCKY DAY because look, I am making a newspost, so people will see it and go “hey, I've been dying to” and then SIGN UP.

Quack With the Ducks! DO EEET

Strain42's amazingly popular Persona 3 FTW has finished! That's right, no more pages after almost 600 pages and a year of daily updates. :[ STOP CRYING. STOP IT NOW.

On April Fool's day The Chronicles of Wyrden by DoctorShadow and RevaFlynn hit the big 250 pages! I could totally do 250 pages if I wanted to BUT I DON'T OKAY.

Loud_G's comic George the Dragon reached 150 pages last week! KEEP GOING BRO

booger's A Few Brain Cells Short of Normal is 2 years old! That is good news because it means it can join the playgroup and begin to learn valuable social skills. SHARING. DO IT.

Rune: A Tale of Wizards and Kings by chrixena has reached 25 pages, which is also the complete issue #1! Wizards and Kings huh, THERE BETTER BE SOME GIRLS. Oh, there are? That's good then.


TODAY brings the 250th page for fearman's comic strip Fearman! Fearman continues on his adventures while fighting crime! Okay seriously, not ONLY fighting crime but ALSO having adventures? SIGN ME UP

MONDAY we've got Gelotology by usedbooks reaching 75 pages. DID YOU KNOW THAT SCIENCE IS FUN? Also, I just realized in this newspost that all this time I've been spelling it as ‘Geotology’ :[ SORRY

On WEDNESDAY (I am announcing this now because hey, my track record with Wednesdays…) Torrie's Werewolves vs Vampires reaches 50 pages! Will there be SUPERNATURAL GENOCIDE?! Serious business!



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