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skoolmunkee at 7:00AM, April 8, 2010

DeadFingers is now 450 pages old :3.

I haven't really brought it up too often (embarassment x_x?), but there is a DeadFingers animated series in development ^^. Would put a smile on my face if you check out what we have so far *^^*! Thanks for all your love and support, this wouldn't have happened without you guys :D.

alwinbot's Alwin of the Bots has just reached 125 pages! Woooooo

A momentous occasion! Kids With Gas Eat Free by popvoxmusic has hit the 50 page milestone!

Planet Chaser by ZeroGee has reached 150 pages! Time flies! :]
FuzzyMuzzy tells me that on April 6th, Pokemon Contest Challenge reached 300 pages!

Advertising in The Villain Next Door, on sale at April 2010
If you haven't been keeping up with the news at royduncan100's The Villain Next Door page, then here's the breaking news! VND is going to print at! Roy Duncan’s celebrated villain Dr. Argon will be debuting his new series in late April 2010! Now accepting advertisements for VND #1. Don’t miss out on the fun!

This series is sure to become a hit and you don’t want to miss out on your ad being seen. Houseofmuses is supporting and arranging the advertising and prepress for the series. To advertise and participate, check out the information below:

Full page 6×9 ad $50
Half page 3×9 ad $25
Half page 4.5×6 ad $25
Quarter page 3×4 ad $12.50

Payable by Paypal. Sound like something you’re interested in?

DON'T MISS YOUR CHANCE to have your comic's ad seen everywhere! If we run out of ad space for the fantastic first issue, your space will be reserved for future issues! We have already received a number of inquiries, so don't delay! Deadline for The Villain Next Door, Issue #1: April 17.

View sample ad sizes based on advertisements previously appearing in issues of House of the Muses at



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