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DD member interviews! Milestones! And a DD Store promotion!

skoolmunkee at 3:41PM, April 11, 2010

There is still lots of room for people (there is exactly as much room as I decide there is) to participate in the Quack With The Ducks project! Essentially, if you have a comic with 20 or more pages, you can sign up to give someone an interview, and get interviewed yourself in return! Interviews are always good fun and they all turn out to be interested to read for different reasons. So! If you are interested I suggest you sign up!

And speaking of interviews,

We've got a new one up! The first since January! (It's a little late actually, but that is my fault.) I strongly suggest to hightail it over and give it a good read! It's mamaya94 interviewing girldirtbiker of Light Within Shadow!

3.Where do you get your story?

Oh man I know this might sound weird but I’ve had this story in my head FOREVER now! It’s actually a series of all these dreams I would have when I was younger so I finally decided to just start writing it down one day. Plus my awesome best friend would throw in ideas so she’s sort of like a co-author in a way.

I never really intended the comic to have a serious feeling though. I actually wanted Light within Shadow to be like a parody of all the clichés and stuff but have a certain twist too it. I’m not too sure if I’ve accomplished that but I’m hoping so as the comic goes on.
(There are a number of old interviews which could do with some reading/commenting too!)

There's also something going on Monday at the Drunk Duck Store!
Platinum Dan
So, starting on Monday, the fine folks at ezprints, to help welcome the store to DD, have offered a free limited edition Drunk Duck mug with the purchase of $30 or more (not including tax or shipping). Check it out starting Monday!

And speaking of the store,

Negligence turns 250 on Monday!

For anyone who reads my comic along with comics like “House of the Muses” and “Geminni” (does anyone fit in that overlap?), there will a little something to satisfy those fans Monday. Oh, remember to buy my book (which is still available) and some of the stuff I've put up on the Drunk Duck Store.



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