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End your weekend the right way with DD member interviews!

skoolmunkee at 3:43PM, April 18, 2010

Okay! Tonight I've got two milestones for you!

On Monday, The Author (by The Author) hits its 250th comic! So if you like authors, author author? Author!

Canadian Gamers by jninjashadow has reached 125 pages! Are you implying that Canadian gamers are different than regular gamers? That's disciminatory!

We could still use some people to participate in the Quack With the Ducks ongoing programme! If you've got 20 pages of comic, you can sign up to get and give an interview. It's good fun and then you will get mentioned in a newspost, like THESE GUYSANDGIRLS:

ministrybase of Ministry has been interviewed by Kroatz for your reading enjoyment! Here is a sneak peek! It's a very interesting read. :]

4 - Some pages in Ministry are black and White, some of the earlier pages have greytones. The style in the comic varies, have you ever considered using color? Or coloring your pages afterwards? And why?

At first, using grey-tones and black and white was an economic choice – it’s cheaper to print. As the series went on, it became a stylistic choice. Later chapters will feature a splash of occasional color – trapped in a black and white world, Hanson will dream of his dead love in vivid sunlit colors. He’ll see her blue-black hair, her dancing green eyes, the scarlet of her dress - only to wake in the grey world of Ministry.
Also, you should read the one from earlier this week! Also good!

mamaya94 interviews girldirtbiker of Light Within Shadow!
3.Where do you get your story?

Oh man I know this might sound weird but I’ve had this story in my head FOREVER now! It’s actually a series of all these dreams I would have when I was younger so I finally decided to just start writing it down one day. Plus my awesome best friend would throw in ideas so she’s sort of like a co-author in a way.

I never really intended the comic to have a serious feeling though. I actually wanted Light within Shadow to be like a parody of all the clichés and stuff but have a certain twist too it. I’m not too sure if I’ve accomplished that but I’m hoping so as the comic goes on.



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