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Midweek news fix

skoolmunkee at 11:51AM, Aug. 11, 2010

Yesterday, genejoke's Malefic Tales reached 50 pages!

It also features art from fellow DD'er JZA963 as the comic is a collaborative effort with scripts and art from myself and scripts from Jabberwockyjones and forthcoming one from Dave7. As well as upcoming stories with art from Asbin, Plaguedoctor and others contributing in other ways.

And today, Randi by tiki_carol reached 75 pages!

Reaching 25 pages is Mushroom Go by Tokyoto!

AND on Friday, Asbin's Project GTH will reach 200 pages! (Friday the 13th, oooo!)

And I will now turn the newspost over to elektro, who is positively overflowing with news:


Cubicle, a collaboration project between me and Genejoke written by myself, turns 25 pages this Monday. We seem to be getting a lot of positive feedback on the comic despite its bleak tone, so anyone who sees this is encouraged to check it out.

Also, I mentioned before that I was having a new book published soon. Well, here's some more information about it plus a link. It's a 92 page book featuring the first fifty-three comics of Negligence redrawn and colorized, plus some other stuff including original sketchbook sketches of the characters and two Negligence-related stories, one of which is a never-before-seen comic. The book turned out really well, and it's worth checking out when it becomes available - Negligence: The First Fifty-Three

Unfortunately, it won't be available until August 20th from there, but it's the official store of the published I went with. It should also be available on Amazon and other sites soon.

Finally, if anyone is in or near the Dallas area on August 21st, check out the Dallas Webcomics Expo. Sorry, I won't be there, but one of my artworks will be. I submitted a piece of art in for the charity auction they are having to support the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children and Bryan's House, two charities that are helping sick kids. So, bid on some artwork, help some sick kids, and own some artwork. That's all.



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