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Aren't you glad the news is delivered on Saturdays too?

skoolmunkee at 9:29AM, Aug. 14, 2010

WowioTV is on the air! The first show has been posted (and Oz and I are recording something for them tomorrow too)… This one features a “Drunk Duck Original” by Carolyn, from The People That Melt In The Rain, and other programmes! Some of them quite weird and entertaining! There's a nice backlist of stuff to watch too, with DDer-created content mixed in!

Do consider creating something for WowioTV! It doesn't have to be comic-related, and it doesn't have to be super professional. They're just happy to have DDers contributing things which they can put into programmes, and get DDers and their creations some attention! 3-5 minutes is a suggested time, but they will consider longer things, like if you want to review webcomics or something…
And here's the thread in General where some of the discussion around contributing is popping up!

I just noticed I messed up slightly on the previous newspost, the last half of the anouncements was meant to be a quote from elektro. I wasn't the one talking about Cubicle or announcing the book or putting art in an auction at DWEX, that was all him! I've fixed it now in case you want to read again. :]

The Webcomic Review Comic on the Web has just had its first podcast! Reviewers harkovast and ifelldownthestairs have recorded it just for YOU. You can find the link in their author's comments, ooooor I can just link you to it now! You should go listen to it. You should.

NightSSc7's Mayhem: The Comic has turned 200 pages! 200 pages of MAYHEM!

LOE+ by Short_Circuiting reached 100 pages yesterday! 100 pages of LOE!

The hardworking Pieguy 259 has posted his 350th page for Stickman and Cube! He adds, “That THAT, Webcomics Quality Enforcement Bureau.” 350 pages of POOR QUALITY APPARENTLY!

Aaaand Plural Bonerage has surpassed 25 pages (I'm not saying specifically how many), and creator Lance_Voyeur says “Getting the news proves that Plural Bonerage is awesome, so all you haters better sit down and listen! LOL!” 25 pages of… wait a second…



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