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genejoke of Malefic interviewed! And a send-off for one of our mods!

skoolmunkee at 2:28AM, Aug. 18, 2010

New Drunk Duck member interviews! I always love to read these, I think hearing a little something about everyone on DD is great. I love reading profile pages and stuff too, but interviews are better because they are longer and packed full of interesting stuff! Okay, enough about me. This interview is ifelldownthestairs interviewing genejoke of Malefic! Read the full interview! here's an excerpt:

7. A feeling of impending doom is often present in your work, is cataclysmic fantasy something that interests you a lot?

Interesting question, I think it has more to do with what I have been reading and watching more than a big interest of mine.
Malefic came about for two reasons. My kids were watching 2012 and I had been playing Darksiders on the 360 around the time.
Okay there is more to it than that but I wanted something disposable and thet was the imediate references I had.

8. So if you had been watching, say, Degrassi, Malefic would've had more whiny characters in a high school setting? And a character in a wheelchair would have started a successful career as an MC?

Never heard of it, and I hope not. I did consider a wheelchair bound character though, could happen yet. meals on wheels.
The thing with Malefic is I wasn't sure how well it would go and I have a number of ideas I am holding onto until I can do them justice. So I wanted something simple and throw away, it just seemed to have evolved a bit.
I'll have another interview for you next newspost, so you better get reading this one!

“Yes it is Back!” Dumok's A Call to Destiny Reloaded is at 125 pages! That's the only milestone I have for you today, DEAL WITH IT.

So by now you guys should be used to seeing our new mods Product Placement, Niccea and Hakoshen around- they've done a great job, and now that AQua_ng is back, they'll be getting their own forums. At the same time, our longtime mod subcultured has taken the opportunity to ‘retire’ from the job. He's been a valued member of DD for a long time, and he's still around and updating his comic- just turning over some of his work to the new kids. So we decided to give him a little send-off!

Subcultured (aka Jess Calcaben) one of our very oldest, long time DD mods and author of many fine comics here (including Dreams in Synergy) has finally decided to hang up his boots and retire from his modding duties. Life moves on and Sub has moved with it. He's a professional nurse and he's finding that other things take up more of his time now.
For years and years Sub has done a marvellous job modding for the forums here, AND making great comics. He's always been a much valued DD member, and indeed, he was one of the very first, way back in 2003!

Sub will continue as a great DD member of course! And everyone should visit his Dreams in Synergy comic, and even buy a version in print. It's excellent!
I also wrote something, but it was pretty much what Oz said only worse! So instead I wrote this for sub:
On a hot and dusty day, halfway between somewhere and somewhere else, I passed by the saloon. Out on its own, abandoned, but it was shade when the sun was highest. I found a shed round the back to hitch Heddy out of the sun, but no water nor nothing else.

I stepped inside the tiny one-room place and saw the man at the table. He legged out a battered chair for me, which was enough of a hello for my dry throat. The only unbroken glass in the place was the man's whisky bottle, which I could see only held enough for two swallows. He slid the bottle over to me and I took one of them. He tried to make me take the other too, but I ain't that kind of person. That old bar smelled like nothing at all, just hot and dry and it hurt to breathe it. But the whiskey smelled fine, and it tasted all right.

He was set back in his chair like he'd been there a long time. No horse and no road outside, but I wasn't going to ask. I set back too. There wasn't nothing to say, but when I asked what I could call him he said “subcultured” which was a little too curious for questions. It was hotter inside than out, but we both set there in the dozy dim, letting time pass and catching bits of that whiskey scent from the empty bottle.

When the sun moved it was time for me to be on my way. That man didn't stir when I stood, but he nodded when I reached for the whiskey bottle. It was right nice of him to let me take the only thing in that place that was anything. I don't know if that old middle-of-nowhere room is still there, and if he's still in it if so, but I still have that bottle. It doesn't smell no more, but I remember it.



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