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Milestones, voices, and interviews a-plenty

skoolmunkee at 9:29AM, Dec. 5, 2010

It appears that my comic:


hit #100 on Friday! And I didn't even notice, so busy a week I had!

Aleks55's TV Man has reached 250 pages! And in his ongoing trend of talking up his work, these pages are described as “fantastically drawn!”

The Drunk Duck Name That Voice contest is in its final days! All the recordings have been submitted, the list ofcontributors has been released, all you need to do is have a listen and try and match them up! PQ your guesses to ayesinback!

Another DD member interview! There's going to be a bunch more coming in, so you had better stay on top of them!
Harovast interviews Cheesecake for Every, of Blind and Blue, Mermaid Sushi and others! Some great questions from hark, and great replies too!
6- The comic deals with the love between two males, which to some people is always going to be controversial. How do people respond to this aspect? Have they been largely positive or have you had any negative responses?

Most people are smart enough to ignore it (Which is why I put a little warning in both the comic description and on the homepage so that said people know what's going on) so i've actually never gotten any negative comments about it.

7- Drew in your comic really is incredibly girly, are you sure he's a man? I mean he/she has a hair clip!

Hahahahaha,well there is a little confusion about that and it will be explained later on but I can't say anything now or it'll spoil part of the story!
And don't forget to check out the other recently-posted DD member interviews!

Cheesecake for Every interviewing Harkovast!

Hunchdebunch interviews usedbooks of Used Books, Gelotology and others!

usedbooks interviews Hunchdebunch (creator of Last of the Wilds, Quest for Zanvadas, and others)!



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