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Quackcast Episode 9 has been posted!

skoolmunkee at 9:16AM, Dec. 28, 2010

Episode 9 - The Jumbo-Sized Holiday QuackCast That Ate Too Much Turkey
Dec 28, 2010

skool and oz just go all-out and talk about whatever strikes their fancy for about an hour. Somehow they manage to keep it about DrunkDuck, webcomics, and the holidays.

*Community shout-outs Part 2 (TD High, Fightsplosion, KALA-dan, community collaboration comics/Off Hours/Heroes Alliance/Heroes United/Crossoverkill)
*Comic Review forum and critical feedback
*Oz finds his DD Secret Santa gift
*The holiday weather
*Oz's DrunkDuck food
*Featured Comic: Special Edition
*Featured Comic: Loose Lips
*Christopher and The Pirate Balthasar enter the Top 10
*A bit of Top 10 discussion and the “Featured Curse”
*Webcomic discussion - our steps to making a webcomic, mostly some discussion about writing based off this thread:



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