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Super gigantic newspost coming to destroy your city, news at 11

skoolmunkee at 5:15AM, Feb. 7, 2010

Hellooooooooooo! It's a long one this time around, because I didn't manage to get an earlier newspost done this week. It's been pretty busy for me but things are a little slower now. Much thanks to Oz who picked up my slack (especially during the stuff after the server move). HE IS A SUPERSTAR

And I think this might be a community project? I imagine book reviews take a while, but maybe he would be cool with other people posting book reviews too?

I Am The 1337 Master
I have recently started a book review thread where I, well review books! Come and read and suggest what I review and enjoy…I guess
Mr Mustard Seed, creator of Twonks and Plonkers, has got a new project going: Batter! Broil!! Baste!!! The Comic Book Creators Cookbook. He needs support in order to make the thing a success, and his supporters will get things like art cards, drawings of their character, or even might get their character in the book. The ‘Kickstarter’ project ends on March 2nd, so if you'd like to help back it, best get a move on! Scroll to the end of this newspost to read the full bunch of info!!!

Now we have some belated milestones! My fault, I'm sorry. :[

On Thursday, February 4th, Gillespie's Bacon Strips reached the 325 comic mark! Congrats!

On February 10th, Pegwarmers will turn 50. Because I'm planning on doing some Valentine comics that week, I will be doing the special for #50 early on February 5th.

ZeroGee's Planet Chaser has hit 125 pages!

Well, as of this update, Tales of the Traveling Gnome has officially hit both our 50th webcomic page online (not including covers) as well as our 5 year anniversary. :) That's notable, right?

John, a comic by DDer Saint, has reached its 100th comic! Super Cooooool

Pictures of You Redux (the colour repost of Pictures of You) by Gibson Twist posted its 50th page on Saturday, February 7th!

Did You Know ™ that Bobby Mono's Crappy Comics (by bobbymono himself) has surpassed 125 comics?!

kyupol's MAG-ISA, a fan favorite, is at 325 pages!

pato's MAYA The Temple of Warriors has reached page 25! He would like to add that the comic is the second part of his other webcomic, MAYA The Legend of Wolf!

Oh my goodness this next bunch aren't actually late like all the others! I am actually posting them on time! That is special, folks.

Ed Contradictory by EdContradictory publishes its 50th page on Monday!

4bit FPS
Just thought I would let you know for the next news post that from solid rainbows crushing cars, on-the-run cows trafficing butter, zombie penguins, all the way to dinosaur scientists bringing asteriods into Earth's atmosphere that 12 Men Died Making This Strip has turned 50 comics old on Feb 5th.

SomaX's MOSAIC will have been on Drunk Duck for 3 years on Monday!

Okay, and now here's the full information on Mr Mustard Seed's project:

Mr Mustard Seed
Hey, hey, hey … it is special D.D. offer time. Below is the offer (as I have it spelled out on my page), and below that is a little information about why Johnny B. and I are doing this. If you have questions, PQ me!!!!:


The special DRUNK DUCK offer is:

1) Anyone who backs Johnny B. Gerardy at will receive a unique signed rendering of their Drunk Duck character, penciled, inked, and signed by Johnny B., in addition to whatever they’re supposed to receive from the site … character card set, poster, etc.

2) If 15 Drunk Duck creators back Johnny B., the Duck HIMSELF will be drawn into the cookbook

3) If 30 Drunk Duck creators back Johnny B., the D.D. character with the most survey votes will appear in the cookbook … the survey will be conducted after the kickstarter project closes, which is March 2, 2010.


As many of you know, I am organizing a benefit cookbook called “Batter! Broil!! Baste!!! The Comic Book Creators Cookbook.” One quarter of the profits from the book will go to the Hero Initiative, and one quarter will go to The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, but very worthy causes … Google ‘em if you don’t know what they do.

Well, Johnny B. Gerardy is doing my internal sequential artwork for the book and the publisher, feeling the tightness of the economy, is going to put all their money and time behind marketing the book, which means it is up to me, the writer / editor to come up with cash to pay Johnny B. for the work he is doing.

That brings in

They run a site that allows you to post your project, to come up with rewards to give to backers who support the project through their ties with (for security, etc.). And now my project is up there and is being backed by people around the world …

Please look at the kickstarter site, check out the rewards, and pledge if you'd like. If the project doesn't fund, you're not charged anything and your donation record is destroyed, so there is no pain here.

Look forward to hearing from you, and for you to back Johnny B.

He'll make great artwork for you, and you'll be part of an earth shatteringly good cookbook project!!



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