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OK- The site should be working again. No more vanishing stuff? Also, MAFIAAAAAAA

skoolmunkee at 3:12PM, Feb. 17, 2010

It was, as we suspected, related to the server changes going on. They were trying to turn off the old database, but things here and there were still referencing the old server. So, while the servers re-synched, brief timespans of changes weren't saved. Platinum has been very apologetic and didn't expect the problem to happen, or they would have warned us or done something differently.

So- any updates, changes, etc should be safe now- nothing else should be disappearing. There are still a few little things around, so let us know about those- but it seems like most of them are ‘leftover’ problems and not active ones. For example:

- The most recent comment on your “my account” page, which you can usually click on to be taken to the page with that comment on, may be linking to a page and comment which were lost (so it will give you an error). Don't know why it's lost the comment in one place but still has it listed in another, though.

- Some people's PQ inboxes have an off-count of numbers (ie, it says you have 4 pqs but only see 3, or -1 pq when you actually have 1)… again this is a mismatching problem that happened with all the switching around. One person has reported that deleting all PQs so they go to zero has solved the negative-PQs problem, but I'm guessing deleting PQs isn't an answer for everyone. The PQs do still work correctly, just the number counts are displaying as wrong.

We've told Platinum about these although we don't know if/when they would be addressed.

I know that problems like this are… well, problems, and are very frustrating for people and signify a lot of lost time and effort for the site's members. Plat is doing their best to get the store up and running (very soon now), and a store is a feature that people have been hoping to see on DD for a very long time. I think it is a good, easy way for people to have some merchandise (doesn't even have to be comic-related), unfortunately there have been some growing pains. So- thanks to everyone for their patience, and I hope you find the store to be worth it. :]

Sorry these announcements are a bit late, I didn't want to make newsposts while the site was losing stuff. But! That shouldn't be happening anymore, so here you go!

(If you don't see your newspost, it's because the pq got eaten, please resend!)

Eternal Flame by phoenyxashe has hit its 1st anniversary!

Hitting 50 comics is Achievement Wh0rz by 4bit FPS! You are notified, DD world!

Product Placement is GM for a new game of Drunk Duck Mafia! New people are always welcome, but this time around, new people are EXTRA welcome! The regulars can't all play every game, and new people keep things exciting! Mafia is a really fun forum game, where you can be a villager or a mafia (or a serial killer, or other fun variations). Here is Product Placement's summary of the game:

Product Placement
Special message to veteran players: While this may be a standard game, I must inform that I've been tweaking with the rules a bit in order to balance the game a bit. I've made few changes to the rules that should benefit the mafia while other changes have been made that should make the game more interesting.

Special message to newcomers: Since you're reading this, I wish to welcome you to Drunk Duck Mafia. This is a forum based role playing game where players play the part of villagers or mafia members who are fighting over the control of their town. This is a turned based game where each turn takes 24 hours and alternates between day and night. The villagers are more active during the day while the mafia rules the night. In order to win you have to communicate with the other players, form alliances, betray or protect and do whatever it takes for your side to succeed. That's all you need to know really. The best way to learn the game is to play it and I will take special care to ensure that you won't get lost. Well now? What are you waiting for? Sign up so we can get this madness started!
P.S. Players who are under 13 need to inform me of their age since I have to make special arrangements for them (can't use PQ's which we use allot).

The Sisters Saga finale art contest
As some of you may know My Sister the Awakening marks the end if the Sisters saga so, With that in mind I have a nifty contest for you all. Simply submit a piece of fan art of any of the characters from any of the Sisters comics (My sister the demon, My Sister the Goddess, My Sister the damned, My Sister the Awakening, Eclipse, My Sister the Witch, Life,death and Rebirth of Elicia) and the winner will receive a copy of the first issue of My Sister the Demon which comes with a promo postcard a trading card but wait, that's not all you will also receive a copy of my new book :“The Art of the sisters saga.” 70 Pages of familiar and unreleased art from the series. So if this sounds good and you think you can hack it get drawing and get submitting. Rules below.

* Deadline for entries Tuesday June 1, 2010
* One entry per member
* Any style accepted, Line drawing, oil, cgi, abstract, spam(Though I prefer a pic of it rather than the messy spam)
* Winner announced on my Duck page for My Sister the Awakening on June 15,2010.
* Any question please pot them here or send me a quack.



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