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Server move was successful! MAFIA XXII signups! Milestones!

skoolmunkee at 3:29AM, Jan. 27, 2010

Sorry this newspost is a little late- I couldn't do it Sunday because of the site freeze, and I've been too busy until today…

Speaking of the site freeze, I am told that everything copied over without a hitch! Of course, there have been a few things here and there which have needed to be fixed. If you have found something you think isn't working like it should, please stop by the Help forum, make sure it hasn't been reported already, and let us know! (We prefer the forum instead of PQs because it's easier to keep track of people and issues.)

It will still probably be a few more weeks before the store is available- I don't know Platinum's timeline, but their press release said February.

Sign up for MYSTERY MAFIA! Once again, a new game of the forum favorite will be starting up. Everyone should play Mafia at least once! It's paranoid backstabbing at its finest! This game is being run by veteran Niccea, and the twist in this game is that people will know a bit less about who they might be (mafia or not), and there are some small changes to the usual roles to make things a little more interesting. So- this one sounds like a good one to get started with if you've never tried the game before, and is a little more straightforward for you folks who don't get into the werewolf-underwater-inside Harkovast's head versions! (Though IMO those are fun too.)

Lola by alejkhan has officially reached 500 pages! Here's to 500 more. :]

Monday, Man-Boys by MoonDawg and Ed Comics turned 100 comics old! They've made a glorious return from their hiatus and are back to updating on a M-W-F schedule!

Also on Monday, Dark Pascual's Shaman Quest reached 200 pages! Dark Pascual wants everybody to know that they have his gratitute for their support. :]

Reaching 125 “totally awesome” pages (130 actually) is TV Man by Aleks55!

Deadfingers by Peipei has reached 400 pages!


Per Ardua reaches its 150th page milestone this Friday the 29th and to celebrate, a reader's question gets answered through a small comedic sketch. This as part of a new activity where I select a reader's question that he/she sent via PQ and make a comic page just to try and answer his/her question.



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