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I guess I should make a newspost!

skoolmunkee at 3:59PM, Jan. 31, 2010

Guess what! Last week, Carnies turned 25 pages old! “25 pages without filler” that is. :]

Guess what other comic reached 25 pages last week! Kombat Kubs, by Wordweaver_three and harkovast!

I guess I should announce that Urban Legends Sketchbook by Legend Comics has also reached 25 pages!

You'll never guess, but k1at's Aliens Anonymous has reached 1 year old (at 57 pages)!

Can you guess how old Crossing Death by BlkKnight turned last week? I'll tell you- 2 years!

lothar guessed correctly that I would announce a NSFW comic milestone! the “sci-fi-porno” GRIND has hit 300 pages!

Did you guess that I'd have another NSFW comic milestone for you today? Because I do! MORgan's M.Organ Art has reached 450 pages!

I guess you didn't know that booger's A Few Brain Cells Short of Normal!…. has hit 15 pages!

And now I guess it is quoting time!

Eternity has proudly reached 125 pages. Stay tuned for more fun and sweet romance as sweet as candy. ^^ My ultimate gratitude for those who support Eternity.

El Cid
My Certified Monster comic is hitting 50 pages, which is pretty spiffy considering it was only intended to be a goof-off side project that wouldn't go anywhere. Seems to have taken on a life of its own now.

Pokémon Yellow Comicsturns #100 on Monday!
And 86 of them are drawn, not sprited.

The entire House of the Muses series is now on sale at Wowio! Check out the LGBT graphic novel miniseries everyone is talking about. House of the Muses #6 is scheduled to go live on Drunk Duck on February 16th, 2010.

Transfuzion Publishing has signed to bring the webcomic series, The Continentals, to print in the form of graphic novels. The series, which is currently running on WebcomicsNation, will be collected in a series of trade paperbacks as each storyline finishes its run.

Crisscrossing the literary genres of murder/mystery, action/adventure, historical drama, horror, science fiction, and steampunk, “The Continentals” by writer/creator Darryl Hughes and artist Monique MacNaughton, — both nominated for the “Rising Star” category for the Glyph Comic Awards—is a modern re-imagining of the classic 19th century Sherlock Holmes “who done it” murder mystery created for the 21st century comic fan.

The story begins in 1889. Barely a year after the mysterious Jack the Ripper's murderous rampage and equally mysterious disappearance, the city of Mansfordshire, England is shaken by a series of brutal “mangling” murders that plunge the city into an abyss of fear.

Investigating the case, Continental Operatives Jeffrey Tiffen Smythe and his partner the gender bending adventuress, Lady Fiona Fiziwigg, uncover the threads that bind the murderer, his victims, the highest echelons of society, it's lowest dregs, and even the police officers investigating the case in a tangled web of mystery, adventure, intrigue, and murder.

Transfuzion Publisher Gary Reed said, “when Darryl sent me the pages of The Continentals, I was very interested. I knew that I wanted to see more so to obviously, I thought that it was something other people would like to see more of. We started talking and I’m excited about bringing out the hard copies of the story.”

“The exact date of the first trade paperback to be released will be announced as soon as a firm schedule can be structured,” Reed stated. “We’ll let the first story arc complete its run online and the next story will continue online while the first trade comes out.”

The Continentals is currently running on and is also featured on other sites including Transfuzion’s home page. Writer/creator Darryl Hughes says response so far to the online strip has been fantastic. “The main attraction of The Continentals is that its a really well told, well drawn, murder, mystery, adventure that draws you deeper and deeper into the story with each turn of the page as you follow characters that are both interesting and engaging unravel a tangled web of intrigue as you both try to figure out who done it and why. That's what a good murder/mystery should do. And that's what The Continentals is. It's a damned good murder/mystery, with amazingly detailed black and white artwork by Monique (MacNaughton) that will just take your breath away, if I do say so myself. And I do!”

Early Reviews of The Continentals

“…Enter, The Continentals: Part Sherlock Holmes, part James Bond, part The Avengers…A gripping storyline with superb artwork in the style of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.” - The Webcomic

“…The Continentals holds your attention like a vice grip…Beautifully rendered…The characters jump out at you. This is an old fashioned thrill a minute mystery adventure that you will just love.”–Jazma Online

“The Continentals is a gorgeously funky Victorian crime thriller with a touch of TV's ”The Avengers“ or ”Department 5“. Darryl Hughes' writing is slyly humorous and artist Monique MacNaughton has produced some breathtakingly detailed black and white artwork…” – Feature Review



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