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Auto-redirecting comics on Drunk Duck? NO!

skoolmunkee at 4:54PM, July 3, 2010

I've been wondering for a while if we should make an announcement about this, as it's been coming up several times a month so far this year.

Please, DO NOT use auto-redirects on your Drunk Duck comic to send people to another site.

We understand that comics change hosts, that people want to go to their own domains, that some comic organizations require a single hosting location. We are fine with people using Drunk Duck as a mirror, or posting clickable links to their new location on their Drunk Duck pages.

However, auto-redirects are something we consider an abuse of the system. It is basically tapping into DrunkDuck's members and resources without ‘giving anything back,’ ie, being properly hosted on the system and allowing people to interact, not hosting the ad revenue that is paying for the disk space, bandwidth, etc, and basically expressing a desire not to be associated with DrunkDuck beyond (let's be blunt) leeching. This is especially true if people continue to update the comic on DD, so users see the TODAY updates, and then when they visit they are taken off to another site (sometimes unaware).

DrunkDuck is a free site, but it has a specific purpose- to host comics. If you want to move your comic off Drunk Duck, we are fine with that, but please don't auto-redirect your page away. Post links, post a big image that says ‘this comic has moved to’, etc.

Anyone who is currently doing this with their comics (if you are still around to read this newspost), please change it.

Anyone who reads a comic on DD which does this, please let myself or ozoneocean know the comic (and if possible, the member's username) so we can ask them to change it.

Thanks. :]



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