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San Diego, DWEX Auction, Mafia, Air Raid Robertson interview, B.U.G., Shades ending, and milestones!

skoolmunkee at 11:30AM, July 11, 2010

Comic-Con Stuff!

You may recall from previous newsposts that Wowio will be at San Deigo Comiccon, and want DDers to get involved too! They want to know: Who else will be there, what kind of things they can do in their Friday night promo tent, and want to show your video content and other stuff on Wowio TV!

I think some folks just don't understand how huge SDCC is. It comes in and takes over the city of San Deigo for four days like some kind of big city taking over thing. Everybody in the comic industry arrives (as well as a healthy dose of people from hollywood) and spends most of those 4 days in one very large building. Sure, YOU could see lots of people there… but on the other hand, lots of people could see YOU! Y'all really should be jumping at the chance to have Wowio showing your video, handing out stuff with your name/comic on, etc.

Carolyn also would like to see more people getting in on the video thing- so she's got some handy advice!

Looking through this thread I see that some members are (understandably) at a loss on how to produce a video of their comic. These are the two I made….

Using this site…

This is a free and easy to use site for those of us that don't have flash or video editing programs. The above attempts are the very first ones I've ever done. There are certain effects that you have to pay for, but plenty that are free. A music library is part of the site and each video took a day or so of trying different things.

Get on it! >:[ Comic-con starts on the 22nd of July!

Webcomics news stuff!

If you don't like charity art auctions, then you probably also eat babies and like when the dog dies at the end! This one will benefit sick children!

We’re encouraging all webcomic artists to donate an original piece of artwork for us to auction off to DWEX attendees. The artwork should be a minimum of 8“ x 10”, be PG-rated at most, and it can be black & white or color. We’re flexible with deadlines, but we would like to receive these submissions in Dallas, Texas by August 12th. (If you’re planning on being at DWEX, no problem, you can just turn it in when you show up in the morning.)

For more information, or if you would like to contribute, go to…

Community Stuff!

Niccea is running a new game of Mafia! SIGN UP, DO IT! This one is being run with the classic rules, so if you don't have a taste for the variations with vampires or zoo animals or harkovast's mental demons, this is the round for you! It's probably going to start soon, so best get a move on!

Okay guys, it's been a while, but we've got another DD member interview for you! This one is hari interviewing Air Raid Robertson, and she's done a great job. Fun and different questions, and ARR's answers are great to read!
Let's say you're also allowed ONE character from Air Raid Robertson with you on the island, who'd you bring with you?

Well, Fantomah’s fantastic and nigh-endless powers would definitely come in handy. However, she’s not exactly the most pleasant person in the world to be stuck on an island with. Also, she may not count as a ride-along since she’s a public domain character I adopted rather than someone I created all by myself.

I guess I’ll go with Ridley. I always seem to give him a clear head no matter what the circumstances. Plus, he probably also has a lot of survival skills considering the company he keeps.

Then again, Air Raid Robertson has a knack for walking between raindrops and dancing between bullets. One can’t overlook that.

B.U.G. currently has four submissions for bad examples of how to start a webcomic. We will be accepting good examples starting the 17th of July. We will extend the deadline for the bad examples to the end of July if we don't have at least six more by the 15th. Good examples need to be marked as such if we do extend the deadline and we will begin posting them as soon as all the bad examples are posted.

Milestones Stuff!

Shades, the modern-day, story-driven, British superhero fantasy is complete. It's been running here at DD for almost three years but now, if anyone wants to read the entire graphic novel length story from beginning to end, they finally can. The First Century warrior queen Boudicca, WW2 fighter pilot Doug Chamberlain and their prehistoric shaman await. As does their tailor, Stan!

Louder than Bombs by JayFantastico and mcfadyn hit 100 pages a while ago! They have let their milestone age like a fine wine, or something.

KAM's The KAMics reaches 1,125 pages on Monday! I don't even know what to say about these huge numbers anymore!

The Webcomic Review Comic by harkovast and ifelldownthestairs has just turned 50 pages old! 50 brutally honest reviews, 50 bad puns at the end! (Okay, they don't all end in bad puns. But most do!)

Hunchdebunch's new comic Quest for Zanvadas has reached 25 pages! She deserves your looooooove!



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