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BIG NEWS with WowioTV and DD at the Comic Con!!!!! EXCLAMATIONS!!!

Ozoneocean at 8:21AM, July 15, 2010

Next week it's the comic con in the fine city of San Diego!
I will be there! In person!!!
ME, the author of the never updating but pretty Pinky TA!

But what does this mean for all you guys who unfortunately CAN'T be there in person?
Well not to worry, WowioTV will be broadcasting all the silly stuff we're doing at the comic con on the FRONT PAGE of the site o_O

That'll push down all the comics and toplists and things, squeezing them down out of the way to make way for my enormously fat happy face, but the exciting moving pictures should more than make up for any niggling aesthetic disagreements you may have with it. ^_^

This Vid-Eee-Ooo stream will hopefully feature some of the stuff that all those fantastic and wonderful DDers with community spirit have been submitting to us so they can advertise just how fantastic and wonderful both they and their work really are.
see that submission thread here:

And HEY! If you submitted stuff your work might be ON there guys so it'd really help us AND you if you advertised about the fact on Twitter, Facebook, Dev art, Gia, IMVU and any other place you hang out, just so people get to see how cool your stuff is.

Oooooo man… there's more and more of this great news:

Thursday night (22nd) next week during the con all of the Wowio guys and yours truly will be meeting for drinks in a pub somewhere near the convention centre (6-7pm), so if you're in the area, come on down! We'd LOVE to see you, they'll be filming interviews, if you're there they will interview YOU… there might even be contests and prizes! I know one of the prizes will be VIP tickets for two for the Wowio comic cruise on Friday- I'll be going to that too so you really don't want to miss out. ;)

Check out the DD twitter account for more and more updates! @DrunkDuck

And don't forget- Me! And my Pinky TA!

Let some of that rub off on you ^^



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