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DrunkDuck is mine. MINE! Also here's some news.

skoolmunkee at 11:06AM, July 18, 2010

OK guys! In case you missed the other newspost or I think there were also some forum posts, Ozoneocean is on a well-earned vacation for a couple weeks so I am running the place. He is going to San Diego for two weeks, which makes me very jealous, so I might be grumpy while he's gone. And if any of you are bad, I am telling Oz when he gets back, and he will be very mean to you.

I know we've been having a lot of annoyances lately with the uploading process. Just to clarify, there's two completely separate things going on:

1. The reoccuring ‘image bug’ - this is the image server filling up faster than the cleanup script can empty space. It comes back every few days now- I think there is some mystery involved with why space has been filling up so fast. When this ‘bug’ is in effect, it will appear that you can upload a page (or other images like thumbnails) as normal, but the process results in either a new page with a broken image (using the new uploader) or it will dump you back on your page listing with no new page (old uploader). Just send a quick message to me and I can poke the programmer and he can go in and dump some more space manually.

2. The second batch of issues revolve around the new uploader. It's a nifty flash-based thing, and I believe it's meant to form as the basis for an improved comic uploading system with options like resizing and stuff, but they have to work out the bugs first. This doesn't work consistently yet among browsers and has a few other negative effects (like comics uploaded with the new uploader won't show up in the ‘this just in’ column)- but there's a link to the old uploader at the top of the upload page, so if it's giving you trouble, just use the old one. Also it helps us if you stop by the help forum or bug forum and give us details about what didn't work, which browser you're using, etc. :]

I know it's bothersome when things don't work completely- DrunkDuck spent a long time getting no improvements or changes at all (by necessity, Platinum wasn't in a position to do anything but keep it running). So it's actually a huge improvement that we have these things going on, although they can interfere a bit. It means that DD's new owners are paying attention and willing to spend money/time on the place.

Speaking of Wowio, you should have a look at some of the recent newsposts to check out what's going on at Comic Con, which you can get involved in! They'd love to have participation from DDers (either those attending the con, or those who have videos to submit, etc) which is a great opportunity to self-promote! And now they have this poster contest!


Oooookay! On with other news then?

B.U.G. Bad Ugly Good is still a few submissions short, so they've extended the deadline for bad examples of ‘how to start a webcomic’ until the end of July! They will start accepting good examples starting the 17th, too. People need to PQ Salsa or jninjashadow with their submissions!

I Fell Down the Stairs has not only resumed updates, but will be hitting 650 on Saturday. Pardon me while I pretend that this is a big deal worthy of news coverage.


Okay I'm done. Thank you kindly

booger's A Few Brain Cells Short of Normal has just hit 150 pages! I think with over a trillion brain cells, “a few short” is just being kind of picky, isn't it? Unless you're some kind of… brainist!

Stickman and Cube is celebrating three years of erratic updates, cheesy jokes, total disregard for narrative convention and pathetic art. Here's to three more!

Double announcemeeeeeeeent
Meardnom (the most favorite comic of creator Theskunktrainer) has hit 50 pages lately, and another of comics (what, she doesn't have two favorites of her OWN comics?!) Skunktraining is now at 75 pages!



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