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WowioTV, new MAFIA signups, and lots of milestones!

skoolmunkee at 3:28AM, July 24, 2010

In case you hadn't noticed, WowioTV is broadcasting! (And if you actually hadn't, just check the main page!) Lots of stuff going on at SDCC, and the DD people who are in attendance have all reported having a good time! You can even see some of them on the video feed - WowioTV has a uStream channel where some of their programmes have been saved, and there's also a bit of a discussion thread going in the forums if you care to comment, say hi, or anything! They've gotten some good interviews, lots of con costumes, showing some other comicky videos (no idea where they've gotten most of them), and somewhat more odd programming like reviews of movies/toys/etc (some of them jokes, I hope!) Worth checking out I think! If you go to their ustream page you can also participate in their twitter stuff, like send questions when they're interviewing people…

I know the main page placement bugs some of you, but it's pretty easy to avoid the main page for a couple of days if you don't want the video!

MAFIA SIGNUPS are here again! That's right, poor Townston is just never going to get a break, never ever. DD Mafia XXXII- Anarchy in Townston is being run this time 'round by Product Placement, who must do a good job if he gets elected this many times!

The impossible has happened. Our beloved Mayor and the tree hugging Pardoner have been viciously attacked and killed. Townston has been thrown into chaos with the power vacuum that they left behind and the Mafia intents to take full advantage of that fact.

This is a standard game with all the classic roles with few minor and major changes.
Signups aren't quite full yet, so there's still time to get in on the game! You've got til Sunday night!

Choose your own Nedventure by Phillby has reached 25 pages! He adds, “a big thanks to everyone who helped choose the Nedventure so far.” Oooh, sounds like an interactive comic?

At 450 pages is Important Business by Aleks55!

Chomp by Fitz has reached 50 strips today! No filler, he'd like you all to know. :)

Also reaching 50 pages is PaulEberhardt's Master the Tiger!

Carnivore Carnival by Aurora Borealis has ALSO hit 50 pages! (And nine complete stories, with the tenth starting on Monday!)

Abt_Nihil has a… a… slew
I've got a whole lot of milestones too ^_^

Eat My Shorts: 25 pages

Heroes Alliance: 50 pages

Bombshell: 75 pages

signifikat: 150 pages (also its last milestone ever)



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